Survey Results: 2018 SWA Satisfaction Survey

/Survey Results: 2018 SWA Satisfaction Survey
Survey Results: 2018 SWA Satisfaction Survey2018-11-23T15:15:42+00:00

I admit it, I am a research geek.  I love gathering feedback and making improvements to our curriculum and strategy based on real data rather than my gut instinct.  The following charts and graphs are taken from the responses provided by parents and students to our 2018 StandWatch Academy Satisfaction Survey.  The charts are pretty much self-explanatory, but if anyone has any questions, feel free to email your questions to me at

Unedited Parent Comments

  • Nothing
  • I cannot think of anything to change.
  • Timing of homework became difficult because it was in addition to heavy class work requirements.
  • Having an adult in charge of a daily update to parents [during the trips] would be great.
  • More logistical information shared  during the planning process with the parents.
  • Overall, the experience was great so it is a challenge to think of changes or improvements for the program. I know the drive times for the various experiences once you all were out west were not ideal but I think it was also a necessary evil to see all the sites that were visited. I am not sure how that could be any different without cutting out some of the stops which would have been a bummer. The only other idea might be to make sure that the participants are invested and excited about the expedition. The overall morale of the group really sets the tone for the outcome of the experience. Thank you for seeking our opinions.
  • Trying to avoid last minute changes to itinerary.
  • I would like to see the curriculum objectives aligned more with the objectives of the expedition itself. I feel that more experiences similar to the meeting/luncheon with Brad Smith would be helpful to give the Academy students an opportunity to broaden their horizons on various business opportunities.

Unedited Student Comments

  • For travel, keep the travel distance smaller like the California trip.
  • The lack of planning [and changes to the itinerary].
  • Although the trip I attended was very fun, maybe lessen the car travel and get back slightly earlier to the hotel.
  • I enjoyed the hiking and similar activities we did while on the trip and would like to do more activities like that.
  • I wouldn’t change anything, it was an amazing trip.
  • Making sure that all students keep up with their work. Besides that, I really really enjoyed the trip.
  • 1. Less time in the car; 2. Driving/travel atmosphere; 3.Democratic trip decision making for locations, hikes, food, plans, etc
  • The atmosphere while driving; I wished that other students could be involved in the decision making about food and plans.
  • I like the amount of things packed into each expedition, however, I think that there should be a little bit more time. It’s almost as if, to me, you should pack as much as possible into two days less than the full trip and then just have an extra two days of non rushed scheduled activity.
  • More structure. If something is on the schedule to be done, or to go somewhere specific, that should be followed through with.
  • Make the travel experience more student oriented and see what they want to do in the areas visited.
  • I personally loved and genuinely enjoyed the academy experience and the California trip. The packing list helped me packed more than sufficiently, the due dates of assignments were doable even with school assignments, and there was leniency when needed. I should’ve pushed harder in receiving donations, but that was a personal mistake. The only difficulty was some of the assignments conflicting with school assignments for tests, but that is inevitable. I would recommend making the Standwatch assignments due on weekends so the students can focus on them without having to worry about that school day’s homework on top of it. I hope this helped!
  • That there are less changes from the original schedule.
  • 1.) Make everyone do the same things like filling out the binders and coming to meetings 2.) Explaining more in detail the things that are going on and what they could/ will mean for future endeavors.