Talking to Middle America

What if last year’s political earthquake was actually just a tremor?’s American Averagist podcast and research series is dedicated to cutting through the fog of today’s media landscape by telling the story of Middle America, one voice at a time. For many years, the middle class has been neglected, but times are changing.  We are entering a new era where we’ll see the rebirth of the American dream for millions of people who have been left behind for far too long. As this takes place, new spending patterns will appear, new political constituencies will develop, and a new discussion will take place about America’s priorities.  The conversations that drive this emergence will not originate in the media. They will not originate in Washington. They’ll start in small towns and cities across the country. Government officials and businesses can be part of this reawakening. All they have to do is stop listening to the talking heads and political hacks. The heartland is speaking clearly.

Each episode of the American Averagist will focus on values, jobs, life, and the good stories people really want to talk about.  We’ll interview workers on assembly lines, small business owners, veterans, and public servants across the country to ask them about the values that matter most to them.  We’ll seek out people in states across Appalachia, the South, the Midwest, and West.  Places where renewed optimism is reshaping nearly every aspect of life. The American Averagist is to civics what Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs is to the American worker; a place where they can find hope and commonality with their neighbors.

Through these dialogues, we can get Middle Americans talking and thinking about the same things.  Hopefully, this will inspire even greater civic involvement and a renewed belief that every person’s views and vote count. Once that happens, once the unmapped disengaged American rejoins the conversation, officials may soon realize that last year’s political earthquake was actually just a tremor, and the real electoral revolution is just beginning.

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