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Summer Expedition Information Center

Critical Task!

Our breakfast with Woody Williams has been rescheduled to July 9, at 8:00am at the Shonet Diner in Milton, WV.  Mark your calendars.
The parent meeting has been rescheduled from July 6 to July 9 at 7:00pm.  We’ll gather at the new community center building at Valley Park in Hurricane.  I will be emailing out a mandatory waiver form that must be signed by a parent or guardian.

Important Updates

Packing List for Expedition

  1. IMPORTANT: Due to cargo capacity of the Suburbans we have rented (7 people in each vehicle with seven checked bags and seven personal bags), please pack your things in a soft duffle bag similar to the one pictured below.  No larger than 90 litres – 13.1” H X 29” L X 16” W. No hard shell or soft-sided cases.  There will simply not be enough room.  Also your checked bag CANNOT exceed 40lbs. We will weigh bags before we depart on the morning of the 10th.
  3. Two (2) 48oz Nalgene Water Bottles (or similar)
  4. Day pack for day hikes.  These should be rugged. They will get dirty, and may get wet.  No cotton backpacks.  I have several brand new bags that were donated by tactical tailor that anyone can have.
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Any medication that you take.  We will bring standard OTC medications like ibuprofen, benadryl, etc.
  7. Toiletries
  8. Two pairs of long hiking pants or exercise tights. Shorts do not provide adequate protection during hikes.
  9. One (1) pair of shorts
  10. Underwear (I really feel stupid saying that, but you never know)
  11. Five (5) pairs of good hiking socks or padded running socks
  12. One swimsuit for hotel pools and rafting.  Please ladies, one piece only.  Guys, something durable.  An optional rash guard surfing shirt might not be a bad idea.
  13. Hiking shoes or trail running shoes
  14. Aquatic shoes or sandals (see below)
  15. Lightweight rain jacket for layering
  16. One (1) polar fleece or sweatshirt (it will probably be cold in the mornings when we are in the mountains).
  17. Two (2) long sleeve athletic shirts
  18. Two (2) t-shirts
  19. Money for lunches and souvenirs

Every hotel we will be staying at will have laundry facilities, so you can plan on washing your clothes at some point.  There is absolutely no shame in recycling outfits, in fact, I STRONGLY recommend it.  It will keep your luggage weight down and simplify your morning routines.  We will be leaving the hotels very early each day, and the last thing you want is to have a clothing crisis. Keep it simple.

Recommendation:  Bring no more than three complete outfits; one to wear, one to put on, and one that’s been used so often that it will make everyone barf if they come within ten feet of you.
Time to Departure

Expedition Itinerary

Location Date Day
Depart Columbus, Ohio 7/10 Tuesday
Loveland, Colorado 7/10 Tuesday
Rocky Mountain National Park 7/11 Wednesday
Casper, Wyoming 7/11 Wednesday
Mount Rushmore 7/12 Thursday
Devil’s Tower National Monument 7/12 Thursday
Gillete, Wyoming 7/12 Thursday
Little Bighorn National Monument 7/13 Friday
Livingston, Montana 7/13 Friday
Yellowstone National Park 7/14 Saturday
Idaho Falls, Idaho 7/14 Saturday
Grand Teton National Park 7/15 Sunday
Rock Springs, Wyoming 7/15 Sunday
Dinosaur National Monument 7/16 Monday
Glenwood Springs, Colorado 7/16 Monday
Denver, Colorado 7/17 Tuesday
Arrive back Columbus, OH 7/18 Wednesday

Latest Assignment

Lesson Topic Date Due
One Identifying Your Cause and Big Fix Complete
Two Creating a Name and Mission June 11, 2018
Three Designing Your Logo June 13, 2018
Four Creating Graphics for Social Media and Websites June 19, 2018
Five Building a Profile Page on June 20, 2018
Six Better Writing Through One-Liners June 24, 2018
Seven Taking Better Photos With Your Phone July 1, 2018


Location Date Depart Date Arrive Day Time Depart Time Arrive
Columbus International to Denver International 7/10 7/10 Tuesday 4:41:00 PM 8:17:00 PM
Spend the Night in Loveland, CO 7/10 7/10 Tuesday 9:30:00 PM 10:30:00 PM
Loveland to Rocky Mountain National Park 7/11 7/11 Wednesday 6:45:00 AM 8:00:00 AM
Rocky Mountain National Park to Casper, WY 7/11 7/11 Wednesday 1:00:00 PM 6:00:00 PM
Casper, WY to Mount Rushmore, SD 7/12 7/12 Thursday 6:45:00 AM 10:00:00 AM
Mount Rushmore to Devils Tower National Monument 7/12 7/12 Thursday 1:00:00 PM 4:00:00 PM
Devils Tower National Monument to Gillete, WY 7/12 7/12 Thursday 6:00:00 PM 8:00:00 PM
Gillette, WY to Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument 7/13 7/13 Friday 7:00:00 AM 10:00:00 AM
Little Bighorn National Monument to Livingston, MT 7/13 7/13 Friday 12:30:00 PM 6:00:00 PM
Livingston, MT to Yellowstone 7/14 7/14 Saturday 6:45:00 AM 8:00:00 AM
Yellowstone National Park to Idaho Falls 7/14 7/14 Saturday 2:00:00 PM 9:00:00 PM
Idaho Falls to Grand Teton National Park 7/15 7/15 Sunday 7:00:00 AM 10:00:00 AM
Grand Teton to Casper, WY 7/15 7/15 Sunday 2:00:00 PM 8:00:00 PM
Rock Springs to Dinosaur National Monument 7/16 7/16 Monday 7:00:00 AM 10:00:00 AM
Dinosaur National Monument to Glenwood Springs, CO 7/16 7/16 Monday 2:00:00 PM 6:00:00 PM
Glenwood Springs to Denver 7/17 7/17 Tuesday 5:00:00 PM 9:00:00 PM
Denver to CMH 7/18 7/18 Wednesday 8:16:00 AM 1:33:00 PM