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Developing strong leadership qualities in young people today is absolutely essential. A day doesn’t go by where we don’t hear about how high school students, and even college students, demonstrate a complete lack of initiative and common sense that comes with being a good leader.  But all is not lost.  Today, most young adults have a value system that is based on giving back.  Companies, products, and organizations that promote positive social change are often supported by young people who vote their consciences every time they spend their money. They long for purpose in a world that seems to be focused on too much materialism and not enough on building strong neighborhoods and communities.

In this environment, a lack of motivation isn’t a problem.  Things start to fall apart when no one steps up to lead.  That’s the problem that our Leadership for Young Social Entrepreneurs curriculum is meant to solve.

This course is designed to be an experienced-based teaching event that utilizes adventure travel to focus, motivate, and inspire young adults to explore and improve their leadership abilities while developing entrepreneurial ideas that can change communities.  The seven-day expeditions incorporate various challenges that are evaluated by instructors who are leaders, and who understand how to turn young people into leaders. Most are veterans, doctors, law enforcement officers, small business owners, clergy, and entrepreneurs.  At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Assume leadership roles
  • Be accustomed to travel
  • Act with confidence and competence
  • Care for themselves and others
  • Understand their strengths, habits, and areas for growth
  • Function under tiring circumstances
  • Make informed and thoughtful decisions
  • Communicate effectively
  • Understand the cultural differences between different areas of the country
  • Understand the basics of conceptualizing and launching a small business/nonprofit

StandWatch Academy chooses adventure travel as our classroom setting for three simple reasons:

  • It places students in a distraction free environment where technology is limited.
  • Living on the go teaches both self-reliance and how to operate as a team member.
  • Provides a sense of adventure that may be absent in a traditional classroom.