Check Point: Run For The Wall 2017

The annual Run for the Wall ride is a touchstone expedition for At the 2016 rally, we provided care for over 22 patients in just two hours, one of whom had an undiagnosed life-threatening condition. This year, we’ll be supporting the event with an open clinic as over 300 riders make an overnight stop in Nitro, West Virginia on May 24.

This expedition is one of the most important we do each year, and we need all the help we can get. Donations, volunteers, and publicity are all critical components to a successful RFTW clinic. Even though we have most of the equipment we need, we are constantly raising funds for expendables and a couple high-dollar diagnostic machines we’re trying to purchase.

If you’re looking for a local expedition that doesn’t require a lot of time or preparation, the 2017 Run for the Wall Check Point is for you. So get involved today


Video From Run For The Wall 2016