helps veterans, young people, and community leaders develop projects that make communities better.

2018 Expeditions

Gold Star Family Memorial

In 2018, StandWatch will be working with community leaders, the West Virginia Legislature, and the Hershel Woody Williams Medal of Honor Foundation to build a Gold Star Family Memorial on the West Virginia State Capitol grounds.

RP5 Selfless Service 5K

2018 will mark the return of our annual Rally Point 5K fundraiser where we raise money for different veterans issues.  This year, the money we make from this event will be used to support the Gold Star Family Memorial project, and our free clinic at Run for the Wall.

American Averagist Talks

The American Averagist Talk is a forum for new ideas where average Americans from across West Virginia can begin talking about the ideas that matter to them.  Middle America is rising once again.  These talks will help redefine the course of politics in West Virginia.

StandWatch Academy

StandWatch Academy is an ongoing expedition where we team veterans, community leaders, and students up to teach future leaders how to conceptualize, launch, and manage their own nonprofits, social enterprises, or issue campaigns.

Veterans DMV Donation

Along with the leaders of the West Virginia State Senate and House of Delegates, StandWatch is working to have a donation checkbox placed on the standard West Virginia driver’s license application. The State will use the money that’s raised through this program to renovate and improve veteran’s hospitals around the state.

Expand Veterans & Warriors to Agriculture

In 2012, West Virginia’s Department of Agriculture started the Veterans & Warriors to Agriculture Program, which helps veterans work through PTSD and other issues by getting into farming.  Since then, the program has helped hundreds of veterans start new careers in agriculture with an annual budget of  just $7500.  StandWatch is working with the Legislature to support this fantastic program and get it fully funded to the tune of $250,000 per year. Funding it at this level will pull down federal dollars, and impact farmers and veterans throughout West Virginia. It’s a great program.

Veteran Voter Boot Camp

Our new veteran voter boot camp is designed for elected officials and political candidates who want to form strong connections with the veteran community by sharing a common experience with them in the outdoors.  Built around 48-hours endurance hikes, candidates for office will learn how to connect with veterans and gain their support.  It’s the ultimate in candidate outreach to one of the most influential voting blocks in West Virginia.

Run For The Wall

We have been doing a clinic at Run For The Wall since 2016, and it’s one of the highlights of the year. It’s one of our core expeditions that we will never stop doing.

Find an Expedition

StandWatch is all about taking action.  Planning must be part of the process, but things can’t start changing until there are boots on the ground and people are getting dirty in the field.  That’s why we call our projects expeditions; they are journeys that require commitment, a willingness to work with a team, and a burning desire to see something through to the end.  But like other adventures, they are fun, and serve a greater purpose than simply going out and running through a pit of mud.  A StandWatch expedition provides a physical challenge with a purpose of bettering the communities in which we live.  They are expeditions for good.

Make a Difference

Everyone has different goals in life, and that’s okay.  But if you’re one of the millions of Americans who wants to help shape the future by impacting the present, you need to become part of StandWatch.  Most of the people who have joined one of our expeditions enjoy the outdoors and participate in various events that provide a sense of accomplishment (like 5Ks, endurance hikes, mud runs, etc). But what do you think can happen when a physical challenge is coupled with a positive cause AND tangible social good?  That’s when things get interesting. We want you to become part of our team.  Take the strength you’ve worked so hard to build and do something with it. While we have issues that are incredibly important to our core mission, we are open to almost anything that can be addressed through a veteran led initiative.  If you have an idea, come to us and we’ll explore ways to help.  At the moment, these are some of things that we are focusing on.

Build Your Team

Let’s face it, if given the chance to help people, most Americans will step up, lend a hand, and make something happen.  Sometimes, it’s just a matter of finding the right opportunity. The key to any cause though, is the people you bring together to help make a difference.  As a veteran-led organization, we know how to build teams.  Through our StandWatch Academy expeditions, we  teach team-building and leadership skills in an outdoor setting that encourages students to test their mental and physical endurance in a supportive, Christian-based environment. These expeditions are specifically designed to develop new leaders who want to launch their own social enterprises and nonprofits. Students will apply leadership and problem solving skills while experiencing incredible natural wonders.  It’s a transformational experience that can’t be found in a classroom setting. Click on the buttons below to learn some of the ways to recruit your friends and have a successful expedition.

Sponsors Are Part of the Team

We understand that companies have a wide variety of opportunities to put their hard-earned money to work, and having spent over 20 years in the private sector before starting in 2015, we also understand the need to receive a return on every dollar invested in outreach and sponsorships. With that in mind, we work with our corporate partners to ensure their support is recognized and appreciated by everyone we reach.  These are just a few of the national and local brands that have recognized our work.