helps veterans, young people, and community leaders develop projects that make communities better.

Expedition Reports

We’ve received a lot of feedback about our analysis of how veterans in West Virginia affected the various races in the state senate last year. Building on that interest, we used a similar model... has been working on a project called the Civic Improvement Initiative (CII,) where veterans work with young people and local leaders to promote greater civic involvement.  We want to leverage our veterans’ passion...

Occasionally we undertake a project that’s out of the ordinary, and today’s work falls into that category. Several weeks ago, Al Conaway took the lead on a project to replace a disabled veteran’s wheelchair...

On May 24th, StandWatch held its clinic at the annual Run For the Wall (RFTW) motorcycle rally.  Each year, thousands of bikers start out in Ontario, California with the goal of reaching the Vietnam...

Find an Expedition

StandWatch is all about taking action.  Planning must be part of the process, but things can’t start changing until there are boots on the ground and people are getting dirty in the field.  That’s why we call our projects expeditions; they are journeys that require commitment, a willingness to work with a team, and a burning desire to see something through to the end.  But like other adventures, they are fun, and serve a greater purpose than simply going out and running through a pit of mud.  A StandWatch expedition provides a physical challenge with a purpose of bettering the communities in which we live.  They are expeditions for good.

Build Your Team

Let’s face it, if given the chance to help people, most Americans will step up, lend a hand, and make something happen.  Sometimes, it’s just a matter of finding the right opportunity. The key to any cause though, is the people you bring together to help make a difference.  As a veteran-led organization, we know how to build teams.  Through our StandWatch Academy expeditions, we  teach team-building and leadership skills in an outdoor setting that encourages students to test their mental and physical endurance in a supportive, Christian-based environment. These expeditions are specifically designed to develop new leaders who want to launch their own social enterprises and nonprofits. Students will apply leadership and problem solving skills while experiencing incredible natural wonders.  It’s a transformational experience that can’t be found in a classroom setting. Click on the buttons below to learn some of the ways to recruit your friends and have a successful expedition.

Sponsors Are Part of the Team

We understand that companies have a wide variety of opportunities to put their hard-earned money to work, and having spent over 20 years in the private sector before starting in 2015, we also understand the need to receive a return on every dollar invested in outreach and sponsorships. With that in mind, we work with our corporate partners to ensure their support is recognized and appreciated by everyone we reach.  These are just a few of the national and local brands that have recognized our work.